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The science of decoding dreams is based on centuries of research and professional anecdotal evaluation by psychology pioneers such as Freud and Jung.Although pooh-poohed by some experts as unreliable, dream interpretation is gaining credence among researchers and therapists as an intuitive tool.

Presidents tend to be linked to important decisions. But in a wider sense they show us taking control of a situation and treating a decision very seriously.So going back to the practice of explaining symbols in your dream as you would to a child from the previous post, do the same thing for the person.Describe their character, their personality, their relationship to you.A man you're wildly attracted to pulls you to him and gently caresses your back.He's so close, you can feel his hot breath on your face. Most of us have had erotic dreams, which can run the gamut from sexy and intriguing to just plain bizarre.Many practitioners say figuring out what your dreams symbolize can help improve your life, especially your sex life.