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The bag is a symbol of wealth due to its high price and elusiveness to the public (aka the "Holy Grail of purses").

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This is to report a problem with the comment to the staff for moderation. To reply please close this box and use the 'Add a comment' box below. Barbara Schternvart is a police officer who lives in El Quebrados, Tierra Robada and can become one of Carl Johnson's girlfriends.However, this may not be the case, as Barbara will talk about it even before the mission's events take place.Barbara can be found outside the El Quebrados Sheriff's Station and to get her attraction prefers CJ to be fat, although this is not necessary if sex appeal is at maximum, or alternatively if all Oysters have been collected.Welcome to the Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas section, a brand new section that will cover San Andreas in as much detail as possible.Come back soon as new guides and SA goodies will be added all the time."Additional products expected for fiscal 2006 include the newly announced Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories for Play Station 2, tentatively planned for release in the second quarter, Bully for Play Station 2 and Xbox, two new titles for the PSP handheld system, including an all-new Grand Theft Auto, a title based on a new brand for the Xbox 360 and a sequel of a Rockstar brand, all from Rockstar Games; The Da Vinci Code, Prey, and 24: The Game from 2K Games; various other sports titles including NBA 2K7 from 2K Sports; and Family Feud for multiple platforms from Global Star." -Take Two Press Conference Forum Discussion Finally, the downloads page for the GTA San Andreas section is up and running!!Barbara is a deputy sheriff who lives in Tierra Robada and serves the desert of Las Venturas.She has two children, both of whom are unseen, and is divorced. Barbara's line of work apparently keeps her very busy; she mentions that shallow graves are discovered in her desert jurisdiction every week.

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This could be a reference to the mission Dam and Blast, which involves bailing out of a plane, causing it to crash near the Big Ear.

You have been warned so if you go ahead and spoil it, dont come crying to me. I went thru this and got all the horseshoes except the 50th one.

I recommend writing down the number of each horseshoe as you find it and work in the number order of this guide. If you lose, double it and play again, and again untill you finally win. Keep doing this until your limit increases, then go to the next higher table. I know for sure that I grabbed that horseshoe a few months ago while playing the game. it's puzzling me because i got every other one except that one.

Rockstar Games created a new website, which contains a patch, that will disable the hot-coffee scenes in GTA San Andreas.

So, if you want to disable or uninstall the hot coffee scenes, then go ahead and apply this patch.