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Is ryan higa still dating tarynn nago

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It seems highly improbable given the fact that he is probably drooled over by millions of You Tubers across the world for his looks and intellectual comedy.

However, it sure seems that he is either hiding the details regarding his affair pretty well, or is actually single.

This actor himself is of Japanese descent and it does not seem amazing to notice that he might like Asian girls more than the Caucasian ones.

However, he has not been noted to be dating anyone recently.

Nago has been in a few Ryan's videos, best known for her role as Gina in Nigahiga's short film "Ninja Melk".

She also has her own channel Tarynn, the music channel.

Ryan has won the hearts of the millions through his You Tube videos. There is no doubt that any girl would be lucky to have Ryan as a boyfriend or even a husband in their life. the 26-year-old is possibly single and definitely not dating anyone.

So, is he dating anyone and if yes then who is that lucky girl? Ryan is very open up on his videos but when the things come to his personal life he prefers to keep his mouth shut.

She appeared in the nigahiga short film Ninja Melk in the role of Gina. She was in a relationship with fellow nigahiga channel creator Ryan Higa from 2004 until 2009.The things did not work out between them and in 2010 after four years of dating duo called off their relation on a sad note.However, the real reason behind their split hasn't revealed yet but it was believed they broke up on a mutual understanding.Unfortunately after dating for a long time the couple broke up in the year 2009 and moved on in their lives.After dating rumors were spread that he is dating Andrea Thi but he never confirmed it so no one knows the truth. He is not married and does not have a wife at this time.The You Tube personality Ryan Higa claims to be single and makes his fans certain that he is not dating anyone.