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The first example shows the common method, while the second shows a faster method. Formula ' See also Formula Array and Formula R1C1 etc ' Instead of: Sheet1. There is however a slightly faster (and less typing) method.Please also include your version of Excel and Operating system if you did not originally provide that information.

It contains both the knowledge and good practices which if followed and used effectively then it might put you in elite category of excellent VBA programmers. This problem may occur if the following conditions are true: * The VBA macro modifies the properties of many rows or columns.

Cut Copy Mode=False' Clear Clipboard ' Use: Sheet1. ' Release memory Set w Sheet = Nothing End Sub Don't get caught in the Loop.

Value End Sub Sub Release Object Memory() ' Could be any variable of the Object type Dim w Sheet as Worksheet ' Set Object variable Set w Sheet = Sheet1 ' Your code here.

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Because of the nature of such problems, it is important to provide feedback when you solve your problem by replying back to the thread so that others can be helped and so that pages such as this can show relevant information.