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Updating postgressql for hold em manager

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This is just a rough estimate and it should be noted that the updater will take longer to run than a manual import.Low Spec – 50-70k hands per hour Med Spec – 140-250k hands per hour High – 300-400k hands per hour The reason for this is because we also backup all your notes, hand markings, notecaddy notes, profiles, Tournament summaries and all relevant info.Very rarely is a reinstall of Postgre SQL necessary to fix a current connection problem. Otherwise, it will create a random password of random letters and numbers that you'll never remember and you need to enter your password later so make sure to click on NO to keep your original password. Make sure the Initialize Database Cluster checkbox is checked. Can't Connect to Postgre SQL FAQ If using Vista or Windows 7, make sure UAC is disabled. Unzip the contents of the zip file on to your desktop and then double click on postgresql-8.3to begin the installation. Postgre SQL is installed at C:\Program Files\Postgre SQL.3 by default, but you can install it at another location by clicking on Browse and choosing a new path.

Many people requested it; now Holdem Manager Users can copy all Hold'em Manager data to a new PC with 1 simple-to-use interface.

For large databases, only run this when you can leave your PC on for a long time. Just do not expect it to go from Prius speed to Ferrari speed by running this tool!

Tuning: This option scans PC hardware and makes changes to the Postgre SQL config file based on the PC Hardware. So, if anything goes wrong, it can be easily reverted back to the original postgres.config file. If there is 8GB of ram on your PC, postgres can only get so much ram before it crashes.

But If there already is something like folder with logs - delete it first).2. If it isn't started (as indicated in the status column) right click on it and choose Start.

At the moment I play poker on two computers: my desktop and my Mac Book Pro.