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Updating xbox xbmc

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2) In the video I recommend using the latest nightly builds from xbmc4which at the time was completely correct.

However the site I linked to is now dead but you can now grab them from this site, also the nightlies are now "development" releases so I'd recommend installing the latest "stable build". Should I just be able to copy my current scripts folder into the newer XBMC folder so I don't lose Navi X?

As you should all know by now, Team XBMC does not maintain a build for the original Xbox.

With that said, a few valiant souls have continued to port over some of the more beneficial lines of XBMC code and done other bug fixing the keep the aging Xbox as a valid option for many people out there.

Ok so maybe you've just modded your xbox and need to update to a newer build or maybe you just need to know how to FTP into your xbox so you can transfer your movies and music collections over.

Either way this video guide will show you how to do it, the actual guide shows how to update to the latest build but if you want to transfer any other files across just use the same method.

- Installation is reliable and easy if the instructions are followed closely.

updating xbox xbmc-7

Yes, the original Xbox™ only has a 8GB harddrive and many people choose to replace it with a faster and larger harddisk drive.In other words don't come running to me with your bug reports - you've been warned I'm trying to do this as well. I just don't want to do this and then lose my files or ruin my Xbox, I've never done these kind of things.I didn't even mod it I had to get someone else to do it for me.Thanks to Dan Dar3 and Dom for contributing to the TMDB fixes.Thanks also to everyone who helps out on the forum.Yes copying scripts and plugins over is absolutely fine, just copy over your scripts and plugins folders from the old to the new.