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We might be old but we are young at heart and have more experience in life.
Dating doesn’t stop though, nor does life, and if anything at this age you probably know a bit better what you would love than what you did at twenty.

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“Some days we feel like we're close to finding her, and other days it just feels so overwhelming and so vast,” Hullinger said.

The family says the “what ifs” surrounding Sarah’s fate and what could be happening to her are too much to bear.

“All of this information is pointing to Sarah being held against her will and being trafficked and exploited,” Hullinger said.

Sarah's loved ones are working relentlessly to find any hint of where she might be and who took her.

It’s your choice.”Sanchez responds: “What do you want to talk to me for, though? ” To which an officer says: “We got called on you.”Sanchez then lifts up his sweatshirt and an officer says they can see a gun on him, adding: “Do not reach for your pocket.”An officer walks towards Sanchez and a brief chase is caught on camera before several shots are fired in quick succession.The West Jordan police officers called the fire department, then dragged the man out of the house, leaving the fire to continue spreading.But the fire ended up damaging much of the house, leaving it a total loss, according to Fox 13.The body-camera footage captured more than a dozen bullets being fired.It has outraged friends and family who say the man was never a threat and that after police secured his gun, there was no justification for lethal force.“He got killed in cold blood,” said Brenda Tyner, a close friend of Sanchez.“It makes no sense.Police were responding to a domestic violence call Thursday when they encounter 36-year-old Brandon Morgan, who was wielding a machete and starting the fire.